Blasphemous Birthday Girl Kota_Morgue

By Sally Lupercalia on September 19, 2016

When I first came across the beautiful Kota_Morgue, she was literally eating pages out of the Bible. It is her birthday today. She seems like she should be an October 31 baby, but apparently not. She is celebrating with drink and smoke, regardless of doctor’s orders. Have to love self indulgence. Especially when it looks so good. Her room is adorned with the heads of horror victims. Her attire is straitjacket inspired and blood-drenched. Best of all, Kota_Morgue has an upside-down cross in the middle of her forehead. This hot devil girl is so good at makeup that all this overkill comes together looking just right. Good enough to terrify and good enough (definitely!) to turn you on. If you have never seen one of her blasphemous broadcasts, you owe it to yourself to register for a free account to watch Kota_Morgue blaspheme in real time and wish her a happy birthday. As you probably know, each person’s birthday is one of the three most important holidays in Satanism.

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