Naughty Bride: Momo Deviluke Cosplay by Misa Chiang

If you loved the Vocaloid version of Momo Deviluke as cosplayed by Tachibana Remika, you’re gonna love this even more! After all, not everyone gets to have a chance to marry a Deviluke hottie looking like this!

Here’s Misa Chiang‘s …


Daji the Demonic Enchantress Cosplay by Misa Chiang

Su Daji is one of the most alluring characters in the exciting game, Tower of Saviors. She was human until she sold her soul to a powerful vixen to save her family’s life, oblivious to the dark schemes of the …


Devil May Cry: Miss Dante Cosplay by Raychul Moore

Though most of us fear demons for their evil nature, I’m pretty sure your not gonna run away from this half-demon, half-human hottie.

This is Raychul Moore‘s gender bent Dante cosplay based from the mind-blowing anime and video game series …


Playboy Bunny Lilith Cosplay by Tachibana Remika

Aside from Morrigan Aensland, one of the awesome characters to watch out for in the video game “Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors” is Lilith Aensland. According to rumors, she is Morrigan’s twin sister but she’s actually a part of Morrigan’s self …


From Deviluke To Earth!: Momo Satalin Deviluke Cosplay by Tachibana Remika

If you are fond of watching ecchi animes, then I suppose you’ve watched or at least included To Love-Ru Darkness in your “must watch anime list”. It is an awesome anime series filled with action, slapstick comedy, romance, and jaw-dropping …


Kelly Eden Takes Us to Cakeland

There’s nothing sweeter than this sensual fauna cosplay by Kelly Eden, featuring the fantastic sweet world of Cakeland!

She’s wearing a beautiful lingerie from Petite Cherry Lingerie which fully accentuates her hot body topped with a pastel pink fur coat …