Alley Shiver Interview

By I Love The Devil on August 8, 2016

The first thing you notice about Alley Shiver is her incredible style. She has, in fact, done professional clothing design. Everything she does is with an eye to creating art and with inspiration from music and music culture. Alley Shiver edits The Wire Trap music zine, which covers experimental, electronic, and post-punk sounds and culture. Alley Shiver has modeled for a variety of photographers. Her work with Forrest Black and Amelia G graces the pages of their California Deathrock art book and their collaborations have also lead to Alley Shiver making multiple and GothicSluts appearances, strutting her very attractive and stylish stuff.


Height? 5’7″
Eye color? It changes
Hair color? Currently purple, white and black.
Chest? 42D
Weight 125

How long have you been a model?

Almost 10 years to the day.

How did you choose your model name?

I was listening to Shiver and Shake by The Cure many years ago… and I loved the song so much I wanted to take a part of it as my name.

So you’re a fetish model, what else do you do? Act? Play Music? Are you a spy?

When I’m not modeling I DJ at goth/ industrial events in LA and New York and all places in between. I enjoy traveling as much as possible, so it’s fun to play music at clubs all over the US. Art is another passion of mine, and when I have the time I love to paint and sculpt.

What was the craziest thing you ever had to do while playing truth or dare?

I’ve done a lot of stupid shit, but the one thing that comes to mind is the time I put an entire raw egg in my mouth and ate it. Just completely raw and filled with liquid. Miraculously I never got sick.

Have you ever seen the sun?

On a daily basis, painful as it may be.

Favorite music/band?

I love this question! Music is such a big part of my life, everything from Deathrock to Coldwave to Industrial and punk. I can’t name one – but a few of my biggest influences are classic bands like Cabaret Voltaire, The Sound, and 45 Grave as well as a lot of new artists like Body of Light, In Death It Ends, and Animal Bodies.

Favorite movie?

Gummo has always been a favorite

Favorite food?


Turn Ons?

So many! haha! A few things that really get me are guys with 80’s hairstyles, leather gloves, women who aren’t afraid to be perverted, liquid latex (so much fun!), mohawks (I have a thing for certain hairstyles), nurse costumes, and thigh-high boots to name a few!

Turn Offs?

Honestly, people who are rude. You can be the most attractive person, but if your personality is shit that is probably the biggest turn off.

So, What’s your sign baby?

Capricorn, Sagittarius rising

Drink of Choice?

Champagne mixed with the blood of my enemies.

Do you own a gun?

I have a Love Gun

Have you ever killed anyone? If so do you eat what you kill?

Oh yeah, dozens… I’m losing count at this point. I’m all about cannibalism, so obviously I’m a big supporter of eating what you kill.

Have you ever kicked a nun?

I love nuns! I would never do that.

Have you ever popped out of a cake?

Sadly, no. I think this is one of my new life goals.

Have you ever secretly done the robot dance in the mirror when nobody was looking?

Hell yeah! What else do you do when you’re home alone listening to Kraftwerk?

What does the future hold for you?

Art, music and modeling. I would love to veer into more performance art as it is always something I’ve been interested in. All the good stuff in life.

What words of advice would you give to someone just starting out in the fetish modeling scene?

Have fun and feel free to experiment and don’t feel constrained by the “rules” of modeling. Don’t ever flake on a photoshoot, care about what you’re creating and act professionally. Network as much as possible with photographers, fetish designers, other models, makeup artists… you’ll be surprised at the opportunities that will come along!!

When was the last time you danced with the devil?

We have a date to go dancing tonight!

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