A Ceremony Of Passion With Kvlt

By Sapphire Phoenix on September 3, 2017

Kvlt appears to be a recently summoned devil in this dark gallery. The ritual must have taken a toll on you, and now that it is complete and she walks this dimension, she is willing to reward you for your efforts the only way she knows how: by showing you endless corporeal pleasures.

This becomes apparent immediately, as her black outfit leaves her naughty bits perfectly visible, so you can see her sexy body in full in this GodsGirls set, and can begin to feel her sultry embrace as she continues to ensnare you until you surrender definitely to her deep desirability.

Kvlt says : “Demon Lilith has been captured and escapes due a break in the salt circle. Though she has just escaped her capture, she is so excited to be free that she enjoys a moment of sensual celebration before permanently escaping.”

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